Hello world

This is not exactly how I envisioned my first ever blog. I was not even sure I would ever start one, but thought if I did, it would be about writing since I am a poet. Not to be. It has turned out I am going to write about my experiences as I go from someone who once had a very successful career to now struggling with chronic illness, financial ruin, eviction, and homelessness. I don’t know how far into this process I will get, since I may not have access to a computer once I am without a home.

I am wishing now that I had actually started this about a month ago, when the reality of my impending eviction was setting in. There have been so many close calls that I have escaped over the past few years, but this time, there doesn’t appear to be any way out. Not with my declining health and declining ability to work. The emotional process has been so complex and devastating, that I began thinking it needed to be made available for others (who have not gone through it) to see; to understand and be aware of on a level other than a list of statistics or being vaguely familiar with it through a friend or neighbor who has experienced it. And especially wanted it available for those who are in positions to make changes and to help people from ever having to go through this, and to those organizations who could be helping, but hide behind rules and biases to deny help to those who need it. Because it only takes going through this once to destroy so much of who you were, who you are, and who you could have been.


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