Close to the edge

In some ways, this country is not really much different than many other countries. It kills some of its people too. It just does so in a way that is more insidious.

I heard a report yesterday on NPR about similar problems in Spain with evictions (hell, it seems to be a global problem these days). The banks are foreclosing on people and throwing them out on the streets. The report spoke of the most recent suicide in connection with these evictions. A woman jumped to her death from a 4th floor window as the authorities arrived to remove her from her home. I immediately began to cry, as I am doing now as I write this. Unless you are in this position, you cannot know the utter devastation of it.

As a result, in Spain, these suicides are making people take notice and they are at least discussing new laws with regard to these evictions, in order to prevent these kind of deaths.

What I want to know is why these kinds of deaths don’t even make people hiccup in this country. I never hear those kinds of reports about it happening here. Oh, yes, the media does some reporting on the economic crisis and homeowners who can’t pay their mortgage. But it is so incomplete and so often clinical. I never hear about the renters that are being evicted (another example of how status relates to worth); or stories that give an in-depth perspective on how individuals are affected by the loss of their home; how people have gone from having successful, meaningful lives and careers to people with no money for even the bare necessities, like shelter and food, and who have lost their sense of self and purpose or hope for ever regaining it.

Hello? Anybody out there? Why are you not paying attention? Why are you not getting furious at what is being done to people; to your neighbors; to people like you? It could just as easily be you next.

Scream about it now, while you have the ability. Scream about it now, before you end up in those same shoes; those shoes where your choices have been reduced to death or loss of life; those shoes that could wind up standing on that precipice.


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